Bad Designs

  • Angry Cup Tattoo,Bad,Ghetto-Urban,New School

    Angry Cup Tattoo Design

  • ambigram tattoo,ambigram tattoos,Bad,Girl,Lettering,lettering tattoo,lettering tattoos,word tattoo,word tattoos,wording tattoo,wording tattoos

    Bad Girl Ambigram Design

  • Bad,Moon,New School,Rising

    Bad Moon Rising Tattoo Design

  • Bad,Clown,Good,Hate,Laugh Now Cry Later,laugh now cry later tattoo designs,Love,Masks,smile now cry later clowns,Times,U

    Love Me Hate U Good Times Bad Times Clown Masks Tattoo Design

  • Animal,Bad,Kitty

    Bad Kitty

  • Bad,Bone,Tribal

    Bad To The Bone Tribal Tattoo Design

  • Angel,Bad,Religious

    Bad Angel

  • Bad,Luck,New School

    Bad Luck Tattoo Design

  • Bad,Fantasy-Gothic,High

    Bad High

  • Bad,Kanji,Symbol

    Kanji Bad Symbol

  • Bad,Girl,Mask,Masks,New School,Times

    Bad Times Girl Mask Tattoo Design

  • Animal,Bad,Goat,New School,Symbols-Zodiac

    Bad Goat

  • Bad,Clown,Ghetto-Urban,Times

    Bad Times Clown

  • Bad,Clown,Ghetto-Urban,Sleeve,Thug,Times

    Bad Times Thug Clown Sleeve

  • Bad,Clown,Ghetto-Urban,Sun,Suns

    Bad Clown Sun

  • Bad,Cherubs,Good,Religious,vs.

    Good vs Bad Cherubs Tattoo Design

  • Bad,Girl,Good,Religious

    Good Girl Bad Girl Tattoo Design

  • Bad,Hombre,Mexican,Skulls

    Bad Hombre

  • Bad,Fantasy-Gothic,Girl

    Bad Girl

  • Baby,Bad,Devil,New School

    Bad Baby Devil